Precious Adamas new cut

Precious Adamas

50mL رش

Eau de toilette - Unisex

89.00 $

Precious Adamas
It is a magic hour, bathed in gold and light, where everything is possible… Just like a shining jewel worn on the skin, Precious Adamas masters the art to entice without ambiguity. A passionate and irresistible, absolutely evident essence.

When seduction becomes a second skin…
Sensual and bewitching, Precious Adamas is a fruit and floral, and fragrance different from the others, conquering with its sunny power. It shines with its crystal and bitter notes, before becoming more passionate and dark. You cannot resist this fragrance which artfully reveals its individuality through a glowing dive in the heart of seduction based on cedar, amber and musk…

سوف تحب أيضا
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