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Parfum - Unisex

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Summer Vetiver
In the heat of summer, dive into the whirl of floral freshness before you abandon yourself to the woody elegance of vetiver…

Playful, sunny… irresistible vetiver
Exceptionally modern, Summer Vetiver strikes a note of sunny whirls, accentuated by the light mildness of the mix of flowers. Violets, jasmine and cyclamen soothe the irresistible drive of citrus fruit while preserving the harmony of this exalted sunray. In filigree, vetiver imposes its classic and complex elegance in combination with sensual amber and musk notes. Summer Vetiver is an elegant and modern fragrance, one that entices you to enjoy the long summer days with no worries for the time gone by… A perfume of happiness dominated by vetiver notes with a decisive and modern spirit.

O să vă placă, de asemenea
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